Costs of a Website

Ok Peeps – not quite finished this one yet. Got a hell of a lot more to write. Just here for testing at the mo! Thanks for looking!

There seems a lot of confusion in my experience for the costs of running a website

Allow me to shed some light on this!

Unlike in the old days – going back 12 years or so – a website is not a static ” Fire Money at , Pay and Forget” Commodity.
There are a few types of websites :

  1. Flat File HTML (Very Basic Old School Website)
  2. Content Managed Database Driven Sites
  3. E commerce Sales Sites (Webdoggy recommends Bluepark!)
  4. Connected CRM (Customer Relations Management) Websites
  5. Bespoke Built Database Driven Dynamic Sites with CMS and CRM
  6. Free with Cheap Hosting / TV Advertised DIY Websites. Meh!

Number 2 (Content Managed Database Driven Sites – CMS) are by far the most popular, as they allow the end user [client] control , input and editing capabilities with limited knowledge(with a bit of training from WebDoggy) and less expense of relying on the developer to put new content, pictures, news, offers and make minor adjustments to text (eg: opening times) – you can do it yourself!
The same for Number 3

Number 1: Flat File –  is very common of old website builds – they may have done the job back in the day – don’t quite cut the mustard now. Built on old [in web terms] standards and techniques, they do not accommodate shifting markets for your customers these days. That said, they can sometimes be brought up to date in certain terms – but for additions you are generally going to have to rely on your developer to make any changes. Obviously at a cost. When compared to a rebuild there is little difference. It is very rare I do these now – , having to deal with old code from long gone developers generally – unless in exceptional cases where needed. Yu are best contacting me on this….

Number 4: Connected CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  Websites are very costly and also rely in many cases on hardware infrastructure / Cloud subscriptions and are beyond the scope of this brief guide. WebDoggy certainly accommodate these sites, but can be comlicated with much planning.  Should you require this, or want to know more please PM me on

Number 5:  Bespoke Database Driven Dynamic Sites (IIS)
Usually Upwards of £40K – and involve teams of developers, project managers instead of individuals , – usually blue chip sites – not really my remit, but again, I can project manage for you and bring things together… please call me.

Number 6: Free / TV Advertised DIY Websites –  By far my favorite! – Are you a Joiner? Do you work in Finance? A Motor Mechanic? A Restaurant? Let me come and do your skilled job I know nothing about for you and see what happens! Try stepping on Lego. The equivalent of buying a screwdriver or a phone charger from the pound shop. Buy cheap buy twice. Enough Said about that one.
NB: If I want a Joiner – I will hire one – I am sure a Joiner trying to do his own website will make up as many new swear words as I will trying to build and put up some shelves. Please Don’t call me in this case! LOL

A website, Domain Name , Your Email are an absolute Commodity these days and valuable to others should you choose to ignore the importance!

Domain Names

Need to be Re Registered every 1 or 2 Years.
The client should be in control – around £35 PA


Usually between £90 – £130 Per Year for the right level for a business.
Online Shops may be more

SSL Certificates

Every Year – usually £35- £100+
Essential now really in light of new measures.

Plugins and Themes

Should be updated
by Developer at reasonable cost
Essential for Security!