Help with GDPR Bingley Bradford

Beware of companies taking advantage of the New GDPR Laws!

Of late I have had several reports of companies charging extortionate fees for GDPR advice and pre-written templates, so called “bespoke” to the client.
These can be anything in the region of £150 – £250 (or more) at a time, plus additional fees on the same cost for “bespoke” Cookie Compliance documents.

This is usually sent as a PDF or Word Document and NOT integrated into your website – that is an additional cost / or referred to your web developer

These companies are mostly out to drain every penny from the non-savvy small business owner and in my opinion are vastly overcharging for their services.

I have seen many accounts of these “bespoke” documents containing wrong information as they are spat out in a hurry to maximise on profits.

The main point here is that most capable business owners can save these expenses by a little bit of personal research and utilizing the wealth of freely available document templates on the internet!

Help with GDPR – No Time or Inclination to do this yourself?

GDPR Bingley Bradford SkiptonIf you have a small to medium business in the Bradford & Bingley, Otley, Skipton, Ilkley, Keighley, Shipley areas and are unsure about how the GDPR Laws affect your online presence or business please contact WebDoggy on 07790 674302 to discuss your individual GDPR requirements.


WebDoggy can help* with GDPR documents and also integrate at a reasonable cost into your online presence.

I am a sole trader with a great local client base, both present and past – based near Bingley and Keighley and not some faceless company out for the financial aspect alone. I specialise in Sole Traders and Small to Medium Businesses. I value my clients and recommendations.

In this case I would ask you contact me – Chris – Directly on 07790 674302 to discuss your case and needs.

Please do not be taken in by the inevitable flurry of emails or scare calls from telesales people that will almost certainly happen in the coming weeks!

* Please note: C Gallagher – T/A – Webdoggy is not nor pretends to be a legal consultant in any shape or form in relation to legally binding matters of GDPR. Webdoggy gives advice based upon experience and case studies derived from experience and good practice in the web design industry. WebDoggy can not and will not be held accountable in any respect for shortcomings on advice given, refused or ignored or indeed information given by the client. WebDoggy advice and implementation is purely advisory, If in doubt, please seek professional legal advice an any work undertaken in relation to GDPR. Upon commencement of work you will be required to agree and sign documentation to this effect. This disclaimer is purely to cover any eventuality of dispute between the client and C Gallagher T/A WebDoggy and does not reflect professional ability.